This is the Frequently Asked Questions section which aims, as the name suggests, to answer some of the most common questions and hopefully help you better understand some of the intricacies of the ThetaTeeth project. This section is updates based on the frequency of the queries we receive from all official sources. If your question is not here and you find it important, please, get in touch with us and hopefully together we can help others too!

What is this, where am I?

You are on a ThetaTeeth official website, welcome. It provides information about the ThetaTeeth NFT collection based on Theta Network blockchain

What are NFTs?

NFT is an abbreviation which stands for Non-Fungible Token: a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger.

Do I need special skills and knowledge to deal with NFTs?

Although NFTs are build on some blockchain technology and can be highly complex, no special skills are required to purchase and sell them. In fact, for most of the users they represent assets, which are similar in functions as buying and selling on any online marketplace.

Why are NFTs valuable? Aren't they just pictures or otherwise a piece of art?

NFTs are not just pictures or other types of art, they represent a unique code stored (typically) on a decentralized blockchain. The artistic part can be considered to be a physical representation of that unique code.

Value of a certain NFT is derived from many aspects, such as the community, the demand for this particular NFT and/or collection, community's perception of the blockchain altogether, and even the appearance. Typically, for NFT collections an important factor is the rarity of visual attributes for a particular NFT.

Can I get a refund or change my NFT if I do not like it?

The short answer is no. However, as the owner of the NFT you can sell it, exchange with another user or gift it. No refunds are available, yet buyback had been discussed among the developers.

Is it safe to buy?

It is absolutely safe to buy or sell your NFT. The transactions are not passed via classical payments such as banks, but are rather done on a blockchain, Theta Network in this case. Blockchains are virtually unhackable to this day due to their design.

What can I do with an NFT once I bought it?

While many projects reserve all the rights to themselves, ThetaTeeth encourages the holders to take full advantage of their NFTs, including any kind of commercial use.

Are there any plans to work with the community?

Absolutely yes. As ThetaTeeth's Whitepaper suggests, the current NFT collection will be used as a token, or a sign of membership and would therefore provide exclusive perks, discounts and more.

How does the cashback system exactly work?

The 'early birds', who joined the project at earlier tiers are subjects to receiving a percentage of each NFT sold at the next tiers. Therefore, those who joined the project at tier 1 will be receiving a percentage of all NFTs purchased at later tiers. This mechanism was introduced to reward our most loyal supporters, yet not the only one. 😉

What are your future plans?

Since this is a piloting project and our ambitions are vast, we are already preparing two next projects and even have plans for the Sandbox. Therefore, those who join us at earlier stages will be rewarded for their support as well as having access to the information sooner.

Want even more info?

Have a look at our Whitepaper! and follow our social media